If you are considering a brokerage to join or changing your brokerage, you should consider asking a number of questions – here are some that I have asked. Keep in mind, most brokerages will hire virtually anyone, but don’t let “hire” make you think you are getting a job – in most cases you will be an independent contractor.

How does the training work?

What is the split?

How much is the cap?

How much is the royalty fee?

How much are the desk fees?

How much is E&O Annually?

How does profit sharing work?

Does the company offer equity or stock in the company?

Do have to cap separately in each state that I’m licensed in?

What technology is offered by the company?

What, if any CRM is provided?

Can I create my OWN brand within the company with my own logo and colors?

I can answer these questions in relationship to eXp Realty, you can call/text me at 520-873-9406 or email me at John.Backer@expRealty.com.


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